The Master's in Informatics at UFAL aims to contribute to the Brazilian technological and scientific development, in particular in the state of Alagoas, through the generation of knowledge and training of high-level professionals in the areas of Computer Systems Engineering and Visual and Intelligent Computing. Thus, the program aims to train professionals capable of technological innovation, criticism and dissemination of new models and procedures, which can serve society, teaching and research entities and companies that deal with computing and automation.

Specifically, it is intended to train professionals capable of dealing with advanced techniques of modeling, development and analysis of computer systems that can contribute to the advancement of teaching, research and productivity in some sectors of our economy. The great motivation for the implementation of this course is part of a context that ranges from the strategic nature of the area of ​​concentration to the regional lack of articulated research with a graduate program in the area of ​​Computer Science.

Implementation Justification

The Computing Institute (C.I.) has been offering a degree in Computer Science since 1987, and started the Computer Engineering course in the first semester of 2011. In addition, it also offers the master's degree in Computational Modeling of Knowledge, in the Interdisciplinary area of ​​CAPES since 2004. The justification for opening a master's degree in Informatics submitted to the Computer Science committee is due to several reasons. The state of Alagoas does not have any Masters in Computing. This fact causes the departure of many IC graduates to other states. On average, 10 students a year leave IC to pursue a Master's degree in Computing in other states.

According to the latest IBGE survey, the state of Alagoas currently has more than 3 million inhabitants, with almost 1 million in the capital, Maceió alone. Therefore, the absence of a graduate degree in a strategic area such as computing and the demand of the state justify the opening of the program in question. In addition, in recent years the IC has been hiring new teachers. In this way, there is also a demand by the teaching staff to open a program that best represents their areas of expertise. Also part of the history of C.I. and UFAL in the area of ​​Computing is the specialization in Information Technology and the computing course in Arapiraca, open to four years and grade 4 at MEC.


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